Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rain.. go away. No seriously, go away.

First... I got off of ULTA for today so I can go to the game (yay!)

That being said. The reason for the game today is because I was already rained out of a Phillies-Nationals game at Nationals Park back in June. This game is the make up from the rainout in June. And what does the forecast say? 100% chance of rain for Washington DC Thursday evening. 100% chance of rain.

PLEASE. Just please. I've never been to a ball park outside of Philadelphia. I really want to see my silly Phillies at another ball park. I really want to go to Nationals Park. Every time (ok, one other time, but it was the only time) I come to DC to see a ball rains. I know the forecast sucks. But change it. Please.

I saw a rainbow on my way to work this morning. That's supposed to be good luck!! And if I called off of ULTA and took a half day from work for no reason, I'm not going to be a very happy girl whatsoever. And I love my friends that we're going to see, but I don't want to drive three hours to have dinner with them in Baltimore. Again. We've already decided that if it looks like it's going to be an inevitable rainout... we are staying put. I don't want to stay put. I want to go to DC goddamnit and see a damn baseball game. So, Rain, stay up in the clouds. If I see you... I might hurt you.


Bayjb said...

I hope the game doesn't get rained out! When we were in Boston, we had rain during the Red Sox game and I nearly cried. I was SO looking forward to it! Oh and Chicago just got a huge ULTA downtown, might have to check this out

RecoveringActor said...

No rain out! In fact... incredibly little rain. It went from 85% chance of rain to 25% chance of showers in a short amount of time.

And ULTA is based in Illinois.. so I'm not surprised that they're building a big ULTA downtown. What that ULTA will look like is what my ULTA looks like. We remodeled last year, and they're building all the new stores to look like us.