Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100th Post!

Nothing too exciting. I couldn't really come up with anything extravagant. Oh well. I do have a few exciting things, though!

A of all, I won the basketball pool at work... and won myself $200! All for saying "Hmm... eeny, meeny, miny. THAT ONE!" I did actually put SOME thought into it. I did look up SOME stats and did pay SOME attention to college basketball. Not much. I did go a lot on seeding. I didn't take "the chalk" the whole way through (I didn't know what that meant until like yesterday. I didn't pick all 1 seeds). And all those people who laughed at me because I took Villanova in the final four can suck it.

B of all, I've decided to start doing yoga on a regular basis. I am attempting to be healthier. At my work, we have this "life coach" who comes in a few times a month and gives us tips to lead healthy lives and all that stuff. Last month, she checked our back health. We had to do all these stretches and things to see if we were at an increased risk of back injury. We discovered that I have bad hips (which I knew... I almost had to have hip surgery when I was 15 because of my non-working soas muscle), and we discovered that I'm pear shaped, and we discovered that I'm in the 10th percentile of hamstring flexibility for my age group. Which means that 90% more people are more flexible than I. And I also have ZERO lumbar support. At ULTA on Sunday, my back was hurting so badly I could barely stand up. So I think it's time for yoga. When I was seeing a chiropractor, she told me that all of my back pain was because I had weak back muscles, not from my spine. She suggested a year ago that I start doing yoga.

I went to three stores before I found exercise dvds, let alone yoga ones. Jeezu. Who knew that Best Buy didn't believe in exercise? They USED to have a section. Not any longer! I was forced (against my better judgement) to go to Barnes and Noble. I hate that store. Even though they carry "Sock Innovation" by Cookie A and Borders doesn't.

And finally, C of all, I'm getting laser hair removal. I don't know how much I'll talk about it here... but I'll at least let y'all know. I'm meeting with the people today for my "consultation" and we're going to get started on my underarms. I'm excited and a bit scared at the same time. I know it is going to hurt a bit. I had a friend who had it done on her legs 5 years ago, loves it, and she said that it does hurt. I also have a friend at ULTA who used to work for a laser hair removal company (not the same one I'm going to) and she told me that I'm going to love it, that it'll work great on me since I have such dark hair, and she told me all the places I should have treated. If I never have to shave again.... I'm going to be so excited. I hate the act of shaving, and waxing hurts more than it should.

I had a bikini wax ONCE. I was going to get a brazillian wax. Then they started, and I chickened out. I liked the result of the wax. But NEVER AGAIN will I get a bikini wax. I wanted to cry. And before going to the waxing hell, I went to the bar and took ibuprofen. So I should have been just fine. At least afterwards, I did a facial. That was my reward for sitting through such horrid and unneccesary pain. I think if I can live through a bikini wax... than I can live through laser hair removal. I hope.


Joanie M said...

I'm thinking the laser hair removal can't be as bad as the bikini wax. And hey! It's free!

Congrats on your 100th post!! So, I'm still not getting $100? I'm just askin'...

Bayjb said...

Happy 100th post! Yeah I don't really do hot wax...down there. One of my friends loves it though, in an odd way.

Al said...

That's really cool about the yoga. It's amazing how weak muscles can account for pain (learned this the hard way with a hip issue!) Good luck with the laser hair removal! you are braver than me!!