Monday, April 13, 2009

Yoga Unpreparedness

I now have four yoga dvds. One by Tony Horton, who is super cheesy and a little yoga intense, one from Borders (it came with a yoga mat... so...), one from Gaiam called "Yoga for Beginners II" and this other one called "Jivamutki Yoga with David Life and Sharon Gannon."

I did Yoga for Beginners II on Saturday... and I needed blocks and straps and a bolster pillow to lay on, so apparently I was unprepared for this yoga dvd. I was not aware that I needed all of these yoga accessories. However, the dvd was very good at teaching different poses and it was fairly relaxing.

Sunday I decided to step it up a notch and go with the Jivamutki Yoga... and i can pick either David Life or Sharon Gannon, so I picked Sharon. These people are a little yoga crazy, but that's all right. What is not all right is that they expected me to stand on my head with my feet in the air and be able to move my feet without crashing to the ground. I just skipped that one. I also skipped the one where they wanted me to balance on my side on one hand and one foot. My feet kept slipping on my yoga mat, so that was absolutely not happening. As far as relaxation and relieving tension in the back and shoulders, though, the Jivamutki Yoga was the best. Hopefully David's workout will be less intense. I was not ready for all of the vinyasas right away, but I do recommend Sun Salutations. I used to go those in college in acting class, and those are fun.

So far I think the yoga experiment is going well. Obviously I don't expect to have the stronger back right away. But I do feel a little less tension in that area. And who knows, maybe I'll actually have good posture.

Also.. I SO FINISHED MY SECOND SWEATER. And I'm mucho excited about it. I'll most likely post pictures on Actor's Knitmare


Joanie M said...

Oh I hate yoga! I used to skip over the yoga portion of Power 90.
"swing your leg through". Yeah right.
Loved the sweater so far! I can't wait to see it when it's done!

(Mason is calling me through the door. I swear he's saying "mom".)

*Di said...

Sal and I went thru a p90x experiment, but he got injured and i got lazy... but the tony horton yoga always kicked my ass (which was why I liked it). Meg (Fromuth) and I are debating taking yoga classes... Phoenixville/Malvern is probably a hike for you, huh?

RecoveringActor said...

Yeah Phoenixville is a bit of a hike. P90X scares the bejesus out of me, so bless you and Sal for even attempting it. Power 90 is too cheesy for me though, and Gene couldn't remotely keep up with it. He's doing something called "Couch to 5K" that he's SUPPOSEDLY starting today. We'll see.

I'm also ocnsidering taking advantage of the free workouts on Comcast On-Demand. We shall see.