Thursday, April 16, 2009

Worst Service

Inspired by Everyday Adventures of Me in the City and her latest blogspot, I thought I'd share my worst dining experience.

A few New Years ago, Gene and I went out with two other couples. The first place we went to was where we had dinner. It was one of those restaurants that had a $75 per couple with a fixed menu thing going on. And the menu was salmon, filet, lobster... all nice quality food with a champagne toast at midnight. Our reservation was made for the smoking section, since I was the only non smoker in the bunch.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we discovered that they had a free limo service available that they failed to mention to us when we made the reservation. The first annoyance. We are also told that there is no smoking section at the tables, you have to walk to the bar. Again, information that should have been given to us during our initial reservation, but fine.

Our waitress, who had a few screws loose, kept asking us for our orders when I was the only person sitting at the table. Everyone else was at the bar smoking, I'm by myself, and she's asking me for everyone's order. Seriously? Seriously!? Does it look like I want to order for everyone? No. I don't. When she finally comes to our table when everyone is there, she opens with "We don't have any more salmon or filet." No offer of a substitution, just we're out of this and this. Not until we ask if there's anything else does she offer us anything. We're off to a wonderful start.

Almost an hour after having our order taken, we get served. The baked potato of one of the girls at the table is freezing cold. She and the other girl, both former waitresses, decide it's time to get this girl a taste of her own ignorant medicine. She tells the waitress that her baked potato is cold, and makes her bring her another one, or the same one warmed up. After she brings the potato back out... the girl at the table doesn't touch it. On purpose.

Now, my parents owned a restaurant... my mother is a waitress... I'm a very good tipper. I always overtip, especially if the service is good, because I know that it's hard to make a living that way. It's all about tips. This was the only time I gave a bad tip. Oh yeah, and we're still waiting for our champagne toast. We left at 12:30... no champagne. I wish I remembered the name of the restaurant...


Joanie M said...

Did you know that sometime, in the past month or so, I gave you an award that you completely missed? Now you'll have to go back and find it.

Bayjb said...

I would have walked out too. THe other FAIL dining out experience was when we were at a restaurant and not even a nice one for 2.5 hours and waited 45 minutes for a check. We almost dined and dashed

Joanie M said...

Go ahead and shoot me. I tagged you with a meme on my blog.