Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why must I torture myself?

I love theatre, I really do... but whenever I see a show, especially a good one with a great cast, I miss it so much and then I get sad. Because right now I just can't do theatre even locally. I need both of my jobs too much, and I'm not in a place where I can let my second job go so that I can do a show for two weeks.

Right on the heels of seeing an amazing show in NYC, I'm going up to my college today. My school houses a Shakespeare Festival... and I'm a big ol' Shakespeare nerd. Shakespeare acting and text and everything was a big part of my education, because of the Shakespeare Festival. There is an acting internship program that is only available to students of the acting program I went through. Granted, I was never part of it... because I wasn't a "super actor" according to a certain someone (ahem!) but oh well. I only auditioned twice. My freshman year I skipped it, because I was too intimidated. My sophomore year I was called back, but I wasn't that good. My junior year I rocked it. And I didn't get called back at all, and was crushed. So my senior year, I didn't audition. And THREE of my professors pulled me aside and said "We really think you should reconsider auditioning for the festival this summer." Too bad. I had a job already in place (the job that became my fulltime job at the radio station) so I really think that I made the right decision. Besides, if I auditioned, it wasn't like they were going to give me an actual role. I was going to be in the chorus of one thing or another.

I'm very excited to go up and see what the festival is like this summer. There is an outdoor show everyday at 6pm that is all of the acting interns. It's called The Green Show and it's a lot of Shakespeare Improv and audience participation and embarassment. It's GREAT. And then a very good friend of mine is playing Demetrius in A Midsummer Nights' Dream, which happens to be one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. My favorite is Twelfth Night, then the Scottish play, then Midsummer. The only Shakespeare play that I've ever read and not liked was Henry II. Hated that play. It could have been the class I had to read it for, but it holds some bad bad memories.

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