Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You mean... I don't have to pay for it? Yes, please.

My jobs are probably my largest source of stress in my life... but I put up with them because sometimes? they're awesome. I get to meet all kinds of awesome people with the radio station, plus some client perks (like the laser hair removal). And since I work in the prestige department of a makeup store, I get a lot of free makeup. Always good. I have 3 mascaras right now. Did not buy a single one.

Yesterday our salon manager (Oh yeah, we have a salon, too) asked me if I'd do a Keratin treatment. I have pretty wavy/curly hair. I usually straighten it with a flat iron, which isn't good for it but I don't care. Rarely do I wear it curly. What the Keratin treatment does is that it smooths everything out basically? It's a pure protein treatment (Keratin is the protein that is in our hair already) at least from what I understand. I'm not a stylist by any means. But I do know that it's safe for your hair... and that it is not by any means a chemical straigtener. I wouldn't do that to my hair. But since we only just started doing Keratin treatments, they have to do a few services on employees free of charge. So I'm getting a $300 service for free! I'm super excited.

The only weird part? For three days following the treatment... I cannot get my hair wet, I cannot put it back or clip it up, and I cannot even put it behind my ear. And I have to use a special shampoo: PureOlogy. But I'm going to have amazing straight hair for SIX MONTHS! I'm so excited... I can't wait until next Wednesday to have it done. I already have the day off from the station, so I figured that's the perfect time to get the treatment!


Joanie M said...

This is like an awesome birthday gift from your boss!

Jdarko said...

Good for you, Gina!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

You lucky, lucky thing!

Ben said...

Those treatments are pretty rad actually. Enjoy!