Friday, July 10, 2009

There's a new love in town

We all know that I am (just a little) obsessed with Twilight. LURVE the books. Movie was hilarious (not sure it was supposed to be...) but LURVE the books. And Edward Cullen is the vampire for me.

Until I met Eric Northman.

(That's right, Tia. Edward is all yours.)

On Tuesday, I bought the first two books in the Southern Vampire Mysteries...aka the Sookie Stackhouse Novels... aka those books that the HBO show True Blood is based on. Wednesday I had finished both books. Thursday, now in vampire withdrawl, I went to Borders and bought books 3-8 (9 just came out, but it's in hardback... and the rest that I own are in paperback... and if I'm owning a set of books, they all need to be the same size). Thursday afternoon I started book 3 while covering the receptionist desk... finished it when I got home.... started reading book 4... and finished that a few hours later.

I'm seriously a reading fiend. When I become this sucked in, nothing can be done. It's a good thing Gene is away for a few days. He gets a little insecure and upset when I ignore him for fictional men. First came Jamie Fraser, the hot Scotsman from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (LOVE! READ IT!). Then came Edward Cullen. And now it's Eric Northman. nom. Tall, blond, Viking vampire? Yes, please.

I actually left book 5 at home today (even though I do need to play receptionist again). And I think I might not read the rest of it until Saturday. Maybe. We'll see. I may not have the strength to wait until tomorrow. But seriously... these books are amazing. The show is pretty good, too.... and I watched the first season before I read the books. They're very different. The books only follow Sookie Stackhouse, and the show follows a lot more than that. It goes into more detail into what's happening around Sookie that she's not paying attention to because she's preoccupied with Vampire Bill (Eric is Bill's boss, so to speak). I highly recommend both.

I may have all nine (cuz I'll get it somewhere. I won't buy it until it's in paperback.. but I'll read it somehow) finished by Sunday. Or at least a week from today.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I want to read these! I daren't start anymore vampire reads though because I know the panic to read them as fast as possible and how my life will be taken over like when I read Twilight! x

Al said...

haha my fiance would be overjoyed if I started the Southern Vampire Mysteries! I was resistant but if you love Twilight (as did I- the one and only time I ever missed my commuter rail stop was when I was hundreds of pages deep in "Eclipse") I might get just as addicted...I also want to read Outlander! I guess I'd better get started!

Bayjb said...

Hmm I keep hearing about those books, I might have to check them out to keep my vampire fix alive.