Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rabid Reading

It always surprises me when people read slow. Gene reads ridiculously slow. It took him two years to finish a Mario Puzo novel. I, on the other hand, often finish books in one sitting.

I'm mostly addicted to series books... because I love to see how characters develop over time and I usually hate to see the story end. So when I find a series that I like a lot (i.e. Harry Potter series, Outlander series, Twilight series, Stephanie Plum series) I become a little crazed with the reading. Outlander (which is BIG) I read in about three days. And didn't stop reading until I had finished all of the books that were out at the time.

So when I finally picked up the Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse novels, I knew it was going to be bad. Gene was gone for three days so I was by myself... and it was either read a lot or watch a lot of The Closer. I picked reading. It took me exactly one week (started last Tuesday, finished last night) to read all nine books that are out.

And now that I sped through all of them... I want to do it again. Maybe not the first one (especially since I just finished watching the first season of True Blood which is essentially the first book) but I want to reread them all again. And maybe a bit slower. I want to see if I pick up on anything... any hints.

Am I the only one who reads this way? I get comments about how "crazy" I am, or how "worried" people are about me when I get myself sucked into books like this... but I like to get sucked in. Last night, Gene kept trying to interrupt a VERY important part of the book (I HAD BEEN WAITING FIVE WHOLE BOOKS FOR THAT MOMENT. FIVE BOOKS!!!) and was upset that I chose vampire yumminess over helping him upload New Orleans pictures on facebook. (clearly I made the right decision...)

But in all seriousness... please tell me someone else reads like me. And reads multiple books in one day. Because for a while I was reading two books a day. I probably could have finished all nine in three days if I didn't have to work.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I am really wanting to read these books now. I don't get HBO, but I want to read the books and then buy the series on DVD. I've done the same with the Tudors series, problem is, I haven't had time to watch them. I read the Harry Potter in one day. I have read a lot of books like that in the past, but now that I work, I don't have time, and my husband isn't a big reader. I always used to read before bed, but I don't really do that anymore since he usually is ready to turn off the light and hates it when I leave it on to read. I wish I still had time...I'm envious of your reading!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Yes yes yes! I read the Twilight series in a week but that was only because I was ill and I couldn't get out of the house to buy them or it would have been quicker - when I was in that Twilight zone it literally consumed me, I wanted to do nothing else but read! I took six books on holiday with me for a week in May and snuck four in my mums case so we could share them and it included the final Harry Potter book which I (shamefully) hadn't read. I loved it so much that in that week I read the ending about 15 times seriously. I annoyed y brother so much because he read it again after me and every time he put it down I picked it up and read the end again!

We rock :D


Ali said...

I'm a fast reader too. And I NEED to start the Sookie Stackhouse books!! I am a True Blood fanatic.

Bayjb said...

I do definitely have trouble putting a book down once I get really sucked in. Someone called me and interrupted the reading process and I was ridiculously pissed.

Anonymous said...

I read. Constantly. Once a long time ago I realized that 2 books a week is only 104 a year - now I probably read at least 3 a week, and often will have several going at once. Fiction, nonfiction, classics, and books by people I don't agree with. Fortunately our library is pretty good so I'm not spending a HUGE fortune to support the habit. I enjoy series too; I'll work my way through them from the library. Also, when I have a trip on the horizon, my first obsession is about what books I'll take - & limiting myself to an amount I can carry! et