Thursday, July 30, 2009

Didn't I have your permission? I'm sorry.

So my hair is amazingly straight. My hair has never been this straight in my entire life. Ever. And so far I've been REALLY good about not putting it behind my ears. I haven't done it by accident ONCE. All of the women that I've seen are saying "wow your hair is so great, I can't belive it, did they cut it, too?" (No. It hasn't been cut. You just can't see how layered my hair is on a normal basis) Gene LOVED it. He really likes straight hair (mainly because loves hair. and when my hair is curly, he is not allowed to touch it) and couldn't get over how different it looks.

One man I work with told me that he barely recognized me with my hair this straight. I also had my head bent over a book and my hair was covering my face, but it's generally not as sleek as it is at the moment.

But the killer? Another man I work with... who has been up my butt about my getting back into acting every. day. doesn't know when to stop talking. First of all, about the acting thing, he says things like "you're so good at it." How would you know? You've NEVER seen me act. Ever. You have no idea if I'm a good actor or not. Second of all, he basically told me that my hair looked like shit and it was better before when it had body and that he doesn't know why women feel the need to want what they don't have.

I'm not one of those "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" people, but seriously? Don't go out of your way to tell me my hair sucks. The exact words he used were "Oh, going grunge now, are we?" Um. No. I'm not "grunge" it's just straight. This is not dissimilar to the time when one of my managers asked me if I frequented "The Grange" which is a goth club. Because I colored my hair to its natural color, instead of the bright red highlights that I had. Why do these men I work with feel the need to stick their nose in when it comes to MY HAIR?

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Bayjb said...

Men. So rude. I hope he's bald and just jealous.