Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What if I've forgotten how to sing and act at the same time?

I might be crazy. I didn't want to do any theatre this summer at all, because it took my life last summer. And I like my life. But there's this community theatre down here (yes, community theatre, but they do some pretty good stuff) that I have an "in" at... and my "in" is directing. And the auditions are May 30th. But they won't tell me what show.

So I may or may not have (that means I did) emailed his wife and said I wasn't asking her what show her husband was directing, but if I decided to audition... do I want to prepare something Kander and Ebb/Stephen Sondheim-y? Loud, low, and belty? Or do I want to prepare something Rodgers and Hammerstein/puppies and rainbows-y? Pretty sounding ballady about how awesome love is until your husband beats you up? (that's from Carousel, in case you were wondering).

AND! Later in the year... this place is doing RENT. I love RENT. I can sing the crap out of RENT. Hi, community theatre in Delaware, meet your new Maureen. Please?

I know I'm probably going to regret this. I think. Oh, God, someone help me.


Ali said...

Oh, this is rough. And I have been in nearly the exact same position you've found yourself in right now.

What a pain in the ASS that they won't tell you what show! That always helped me to prepare my audition material. But I guess on the other hand, they really want to see what you're made of. If it were me? I'd probably do some Sondheim...it just makes me feel more comfortable, especially since I'm an alto and R&H is just not as much my style. But rather than choose based on that, I'd go with something you're comfortable with...that you KNOW you're going to nail.

Break tons of legs! Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)


Joanie M said...

DO IT!! DO IT!! DO IT!!!

c'mon... you knew I'd say that. I'm your biggest fan!

You have NOT forgotten how to act OR sing. Start exercising your voice NOW!

Break a leg, Bratface!