Monday, May 18, 2009

Beauty Perks

One of the reasons I keep my ULTA job is because I work in prestige (read: fancy schmancy 'spensive makeup) we often get gratis from the vendors. Most of my gratis is Bare Escentuals and Paula Dorf (Love. Paula. Dorf.). We rarely get any skin care stuff because skin care stuff is much more expensive than a lip gloss or a mascara.

The only skincare I've received until this point was Dermalogica, because ULTA now does Dermalogica facials... so Dermalogica wanted to make sure that we knew what we were talking about. The other day, we finally got a vendor for DermaDoctor, which we also recently started carrying. And we got two gratis products from them: full-size (yay!) of their pore minimizer, and a trial-size (but still about 1.0 oz) of their glycolic facial wash. Now. I'm a dry-skin girl. It's probably more dehydration than anything else, but stuff that is meant to dry the skin is not for me. But, this pore minimizer is awesome! I've used it for a few days now... it tingles when it first goes on (2x a day) but so far my skin isn't dry at all.

I used the glycolic facial wash this morning... and my skin is super soft. But that could also be from the Vitamin C lactic acid mask I got from Murad (I love my job sometiems). My skin has never been this soft before, except when I was a kid. You can usually feel the dryness (and see the dryness) and right now, it's just supple awesomeness. That's right...supple awesomeness.

Between this and my new favorite foundation, Smashbox Halo Mineral Powder, I have the best skin of my life. Generally, I wear no foundation. Because whether I wear a liquid, a cream, a mineral, or a power, you can see the flakiness of my nose. I haven't had that with Halo yet... and someone yesterday actually said to me "Well you don't have any foundation on" which is the best compliment ever. Because that's how you know that you're foundation is doing it's job--if you can't see it at all. You shouldn't be able to see the foundation mask. Nothing irks me more than the teenagers who wear foundation 2 shades too dark, or bronzer all over their entire face (that's not where bronzer goes, sweetie)... or just as bad as the women who wear foundation two shades too light. I actually had a middle eastern woman one time tell me that she wanted to have the foundation I wore. Not the brand. The color. I have Irish background. My skin is practically clear. I burn if I think of the sun. I matched her perfectly, it she said it was too dark. When I put a really (really) light foundation on her, she liked that.

I don't understand this at all! Why are some women so adamant that they wear the wrong shade of foundation? It just makes you look dumb. Makeup shouldn't look like makeup. Makeup is all about illusion... it's meant to perfect the features you already have. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? Why women insist on wearing the wrong (and horrible looking) foundation shades?

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