Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh the lengths we go to...

Now that the wedding crazy is upon me (three weddings, seven days. Doesn't that sound the tagline of a really bad romcom?) I have to do my preparations.

I'm not an everyday shaver by any means, but before big events? I absolutely am shaving every day. Because I don't like pantyhose. Especially when it's 80 degrees out. Tonight's wedding I'm not too worried about. It's family... so it's people I see all the time... I just slap on a little makeup, put on a cute dress, and I'm a winner.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow is with a bunch of people I haven't seen in three years. Tomorrow is with the people I competed with for four years of my life. Tomorrow I have to spend the day with my ex roommate who is blonde hair, blue eyes, skinniest person I know (without looking sick) and giant knockers. Oh yeah, and she's a regular character on a soap opera. And her and I were always up for the same roles in school, we always had class together, we were scene partners a lot of the there's always been this quiet rivalry. Not that we'd wish that the other would fall on her face onstage, but it wouldn't hurt.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she's successful and everything, but it puts more pressure on me (or rather, I put more pressure on me) to look awesome. I wanted to wear the red dress that I made, except it's still not finished. I still need to do some handstitching up the back and along the shoulders and do the hem, and that's it. It's mostly done. It'll be done for wedding #3 which is next Saturday.

The plan so far is... get out of work at 4:50 (good luck with that...) rush home, restraighten my hair, put it in velcro rollers. Shave my legs again. Put my face on, take out velcro rollers, put dress on, run out the door, and hope we make it to the ceremony on time. We might just have to go to the reception. The wedding on Saturday isn't until 2pm, so even if I oversleep and wakeup at noon I'm still all right.

Tonight dress: gold, cream, electric blue, and brown, in swirly shapes in a horrid polyester spandex somethingy blend fabric, but it looks awesome on. Low plunging neckline (so the girls are happy) and it falls just below the knee. Shoes: my BCBG brown pointy pumps.

Tomorrow dress: white with purple and blue flowers in a slightly June Cleaver cut, but bustier. Shoes: green strappy heels from ATL.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

Shaving your legs is overrated. I remember how badly I begged my mom when I was in the fourth grade to let me shave, and when she finally did, she said, "One day, you're going to tell me how you wished I would NEVER have let you do this!" And she was right. I hate shaving so much that I literally forgot to do it on my wedding day, and when the Grouper went to take off my garter he goes, "Seriously? You couldn't even shave for our wedding?" It was hilarious.

Ok, so now I totally want to know who your soap opera roommate is....

Ali said...

Ugh, shaving. I feel you, though I do it every day because I feel dirty when I don't. I'm weird.

Have fun at ALL those weddings! Catch that bouquet.

Joanie M said...

I know you'll look absolutely beautiful tonight and tomorrow night and next week too.

Hey! Now you know what body part to laser next!

Tell everyone I said hi tomorrow!

Al said...

Gooood LORD. Good luck. Green shoes sound hot. Oh, and I am never allowed to complain about 3 weddings spread out over an entire summer again :)