Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pregnant Chinese Birthdays. Those are the best birthdays, really.

I'm surrounded by pregnant women. One of my friends at work is about 7 months pregnant, my former BFF from high school is about just as pregnant (she's trying to rekindle our friendship all of a sudden. Probably because she realized all the people she ditched me for a few years ago are assholes), one of A's cousins just had a baby... and A's other cousin's wife is about 7 months pregnant. It's pregnancy and babies all over. I don't know how much cuteness I can take before my ovaries start hurting and I really start to want a puppy. A doesn't want a dog until we start having kids because he says that if you have a dog, you might as well have a kid. But I think we should do the puppy thing first.

We (and by we I mean other people I work with) took my pregnant work friend out to lunch today... and i had the. best. chinese food. ever. Seriously. Ever. If you ever see a P.F. Changs, you need to go there. It's A-mazing. And you need to try the China mist iced tea. Awesome. It's really good with one sweet & low in it... and I don't even like sweet & low, but it was good. It's even good unsweetened. But we had a lot of fun. There were supposed to be 6 of us, and it ended up being only 3 because we had a problem with our billing system at work, so two of the women who were supposed to go stayed behind to figure out what the heck happened. But even with the 3 of us, our bill was only like $35. Which for a place that's supposed to be pricey I say is awesome. And we had an appetizer (lettuce chicken wraps. Yum).

I've been fairly mellowed out lately. All of the crazy "I want to kill her" events are over with... I survived the dinner.. and I survived D's surprise 60th party (which Z took over and was kind of a bitch about. But only kind of) They decided to do a roast for D, which I thought was a great idea. A emceed the night... and the last speaker was Y. Y had this slideshow dvd made of all these pictures... but his "roast" of his father was all about how he is engaged to the beast. Again, they made it all about them. So for the pictures... they had all of these pictures of Disney World in there. About 2 years ago? maybe? they went to Disney for the Knights of Columbus.. A and I were not invited. So Y put all of these pictures from the Disney trip on the slideshow. Most of them were of just C and D. Then all of these pictures of Z kept slipping in. And then there was a picture at a wedding of one of A's cousins (the one who just had the baby) from a year or so ago. Of just the four of them. When I know for a fact that there is one of the 6 of us. But that's not the one they put on. There were probably 10-15 pictures of that ugly face on there... and how many of me? One. I've been in the family for 5 years. Z has been there for maybe 3. Now, I wouldn't care if there were any of me as long as there weren't a bunch of her there. That's just in bad taste. And people came up to me during the party and asked me about it. A's one uncle actually came up to me and asked why there weren't hardly any of me, when I'm so much nicer to look at. For a guy who barely remembers me ever, he's now my favorite uncle of A's.

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