Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have at it

I'd like to think that things are going my way recently. I've been getting a lot of great reviews at ULTA, I finally found a car that was perfect in price and mileage (but not size... it's a bit bigger than I wanted, and by bigger I mean Buick sized and a bit granny with the bench seating), rehearsals are going so far so good. Oh, and the real job, not the ULTA job, gave me a promotionish.

I'm calling it a promotionish because they aren't paying me anything better really than before. I barely got a raise. I mean like MAYBE $20 more a paycheck. Maybe. It's basically a living wage adjustment, not a raise. And it's a lot of extra work. I mean... a lot. It also includes a 30 minute show that runs on Sundays on both the FM and the AM radio station I work for. It sounds really cool, but in actuality it's a lot less cool than it sounds. I do very little during this show... but... now my name is out there. And my feeling is the more things I can learn in this business, the better off I am. I know that I speak well and that I'm a ball of energy and I think that other people would find me interesting, and up until now... the big guy upstairs did not at all want me on the air, but now that the person who used to do this job is leaving, they need me. The other thing that would be nice is that she used to fill in for the morning show when the fem personality would be on vacation. I definitely wouldn't turn up my nose to fill in. They probably won't give it to me, but, I definitely wouldn't say no. I just wish they would stop taking advantage of me and give me the raise they would give anyone else. But because I'm female and because I'm pretty much fresh out of college, they're going to take advantage of me.

Normally, I'd stand up for myself, but I'm backed into a corner. I want to do this job. I really like my job, and I think taking over this position would definitely be in my best interest, but if I march into that corner office with guns blazing and everything, they can very easily say "Ok then, pack your bags." I need to tread carefully. I don't want to be out of a job, but I don't want to be taken advantage of either. I don't know what to do.

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