Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There's nothing like the feeling of a..NuCar.

My car is dead to me. It isn't *dead* but it might as well be. There is some bad valve or something in the engine that is pressing on the gas? Or something? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to drive it. So... I need to get a new car. I'm not sure how this new car is going to be had... since, you know, I just bought a house. It's going to be really difficult. I called Daddy dearest and asked if he could give me money for a down payment for said car for my birthday. And I have some money saved up. Not much. And hopefully I'm getting my stimulus check soon (Yup. Still haven't gotten that yet. Supposed to be getting $600.) So I'll have that. I doubt I'll get any trade for my car, and if I do.. it probably won't be any more than $500. So... it isn't worth me fixing it since that's all I'd get for it. I'd be putting in about as much as it's worth. And I was going to get a new car in September... I just need to do it a few months early.

All day today I looked on all of the dealerships in the area to see what, if anything, I could find. I found some things. I also might take some gold that I don't wear and sell it at a gold place. I hear that the cost per ounce for gold is pretty high these days. So... maybe I'll get something. The madre said I could use some of her mishmosh of jewelry for that. I have a little of my own that I could sell. I haven't run this past A yet, so I don't know how he feels about it. It's my jewelry... and I'm not selling anything that he's given to me... so I don't see the harm.

My faux goddaughter (L) is coming over to help cheer me up today. Her mom has been my best friend for a super long time... and she's my faux goddaughter bc she isn't baptised. But I'd be her godmother if she was. So. She's my goddaughter. She's four... almost five (oh my god) and probably one of the cutest kids ever. I just love that little peanut to pieces. I have to run home quickly and vaccuum before they get over here... but I'm super excited that they're coming over. I'm not sure what we're going to do for dinner. L is a little bit of a picky eater, but most 4 yr olds are. She isn't as picky as I was, that's for sure!!!

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