Friday, July 18, 2008

First Relapse

I start rehearsal for a play tomorrow. I haven't acted in two years and I'm terrified that I might suck and that I won't be funny (the play is funny). What if I forget comedic timing? What if I can't memorize my 20 lines? I'm freaking out just a little. I met one guy in the cast on Wednesday night...he seems nice and normal. One of the cast members, maybe two, has to live in my house during rehearsal because they live in either NYC or D.C. We're rehearsing in the middle...which is good because that's where I live.

The play is funny.. it was written by a friend of Gene's (oh yeah, I decided yesterday that I don't care anymore about the letters... mainly because I usually type the name by accident and have to go back and edit anyway) and it feels a lot like a show I did in college, and therefore feels a lot like Six Degrees of Separation (which was based on the board game Life. This play is not based on the board game Life. It just has similar acting/writing styles). Anyway, my character is the one of the only people with a name (Mary) and one of the only people who is in a realistic play. Basically everyone is aware that they're in a play/playing a game, except one guy...Joe...who is in love with me even though he doesn't know my name. The play feature other characters such as South African American Hassidic Bisexual, Feminist Slut... and other such joys. It's also titled "Untitled Masterpiece." I saw a production of it two years ago... with a bunch of interns at a theatre company... and it was ok. They missed a lot of the jokes. The girl who played my character played her far too straight, so she missed a lot of opportunities.

My biggest fear in acting is that it's going to be indication station. I haven't acted in so long I'm afraid it's going to be god awful. Oh yeah, and to make things even more OH MY GOD, the show is being produced in New York. The play was accepted into the NYC Fringe Festival this summer... so I'm going to be in an actual theatre in New York City. I get to pretend for five whole days that I'm a real actor. I do miss acting... a lot... a lot a lot. I have to find a place to live, though. People are conviently ignoring my "hey, I'm homeless for the month of August... can I live on your couch?" requests.

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