Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've fallen madly in love with a fictional vampire... in a completely unhealthy way.

I don't know how I missed this book before now. I'm quite the avid reader... I tend to go on reading binges and read nonstop for weeks. And usually it's a series... and of course I need to read up to the most recent so I'm all caught up. I love series books... and I love the supernatural... and I love romance. So I'm really baffled as to how I missed the existence of Twilight for three whole years.

This book is... incredible. I read an article about the upcoming movie in EW a few weeks ago, and made the decision to read it. While I was waiting for a prescription to be filled the other day, I wandered over to Borders, stumbled across it, and figured now's a good a time as any. Two days later I was buying New Moon and Eclipse. That was yesterday. Yesterday, at 2:00... I bought New Moon while on my way to the doctor's office. I read 100 pages waiting for the doctor to come in... and once I got home from work, I had finished the book. This morning, I was wide awake at 5AM thanks to the nine mosquito bites on my right foot... so I read... 250 pages in Eclipse, which is about half the book. I literally can't put them down.

There have only been two authors that can get me like this. J.K. Rowling and Diana Gabaldon. And Stephenie Meyer basically has the best of both worlds....the supernatural that I loved in J.K. Rowling and the love story that makes your bones ache from the Outlandish series by Diana Gabaldon. I get really rude when I read like this... I don't talk to people... I just sit and read for probably 5 hours straight. I forgot to eat dinner yesterday because I was so engrossed. I ended up eating something much later than usual, but I mean... that's how focused I get when I read a book like this. It amazes me that someone can write like this. PLUS! Her grammar is IMPECCABLE! I love good grammar.

If you've been curious about it... read it. If you want to see the movie just a little... read it. If you love love love vampires... read it. And really, it isn't a "vampire" book. It's a heartwrenching once in a lifetime love story (with absolutely no sex whatsoever. The author is Mormon. She isn't going to have premarital VAMPIRE sex). Stephenie Meyer makes vampires sexy. Sexier than Angel. And that's hard. The other thing that I love is all of the literary references she makes. She's clearly a book nerd like me. Between Bronte, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and Jane Austen... I couldn't be happier. And even though I have to sit at work for the next seven hours NOT reading, it's the only thing I'm thinking about. Man...I am such a nerd.

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becklette said...

sexier than angel is NOT that hard... spike is sexier than angel.

i think i just hit on the fundamental difference between you and me.

ps-- i <3 good grammar.