Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reasons I shouldn't play poker before bed...

So I love me some poker, and last night A and our friend invited us to play a freeroll at a local bar. It was actually a lot of fun, except for the really nerdy guy who kept hitting on me and pretending like he knew what he was doing. He didn't. Anyway, we got home later than usual... and I decided to read for a bit before bed. A decided to make popcorn. I'm not sure if it was the popcorn or the poker that made the following happen.

I had the most bizarre dream that I was pregnant and going into labor. It was March 16 (and the only reason I know is because later, my brother was mad at me for not giving birth on his birthday, which is St. Patrick's Day) and the baby (a girl) was very very tiny. However, I was in a show at school, and needed to go to the theatre on campus (and it was the real theatre on my real campus of the college I graduated from... not a theatre that I know in my dream is the theater but it's actually the mall) and I have to do a lot of dancing. I don't know what to do with the baby (whom I haven't named yet) so I put her under the table. Bad parenting, I know. But really, the hospital shouldn't have kicked me out. Then, my entire family shows up, and this girl I graduated with...JCo... starts hitting on my father BIG TIME and starts taking things out of the pockets of his pants. Very uncomfortable. My mother asks what I want to name the baby (whom I am now holding) and I decide to name her Liliana Morgan (Morgan after a friend whose birthday is March 16th) but I said I needed to check with A first (who in my dream was actually JCo's ex from college, not actually A) and my mother told me that it wasn't his decision and to screw him. Then my uncle who always in real life makes me uncomfortable started hitting on me (ew) and I reminded him that he was now a great uncle, and he shut up really quickly. Then I woke up. WEIRD. Really just weird.

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