Monday, June 16, 2008

A little introduction

So, I'm new here. Never really blogged before, but after a friend of mine started a blog (which I'll most likely link) I decided to start one as well. I'd like to leave myself fairly anonymous, since well, I can be catty. And I'd like to not get in trouble. But I need an outlet. I'll tell you that I check off the 18-25 box, I live in the Northeast, and I used to be an actor. For a long time. Not a professional actor, mind you, but it was how I defined myself for so long.

I gave up acting midway through college. I still finished my theatre degree, but I had decided midway through my sophomore year that I didn't want to act professionally anymore. Not even a little. So I gave it up. I never wanted to seriously move to NYC or LA, so I figured why bother? I did audition for a few regional theatres around the area, but for fun not money. Now I'm working at a job I moderately like (sometimes it gives me high blood pressure. But only sometimes). I lived at a place I hated, and recently bought (yikes!) a place I love. And I live in sin with my boyfriend of a long time. I am in no hurry to get married and don't feel that I should be rushed by anyone. I have no moral opposings to living with someone, in fact, I think it's kind of stupid not to live with someone before you marry them. My parents and his parents have no moral opposings to us living together either, and it was his grandmother's idea... so... I think we aren't going to hell. Not for that, at least.

I've decided that this blog might be a little rant-y. It is, after all, my outlet for things I'm not allowed to say out loud. It's my Inner Monoblog. I think I'm going to change my headline to that if I can.. I just came up with it, and I like it a lot. You might have noticed that I tend to not use complete sentences. While I'm a complete grammar Nazi, I tend to type as a speak... and sometimes we speak in phrases, not sentences. Especially me. You do it, too... don't lie.

Well.. that's me. Basically. There is more, but I need material to post about, now, don't I? I have lots of baggage. Lots of it. If someone else (or me) wrote about my would probably be really funny. It isn't so much funny at the time, but at least I know how to look back at myself and laugh. I think that's an important quality for someone to have.

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