Monday, July 19, 2010

That's okay, I don't need to actually see my food. Or hear.

Gzilla is away on vacation without me. Which is, I suppose, fair since I went to Ireland without him. And I'd take Ireland over a baseball vacation (but not by much). Gzilla watched the Phils beat the Cubs on Saturday (the one time they beat them...) and today he's seeing the Phillies take on the St. Louis Cardinals. And crap! I just realized I forgot to tape the game AGAIN. (just in case he's on the tv. You know. Because of his Phillies jersey.)

Because he's away (and because I got a surprise day off on Sunday!), I got to do some galavanting around town that I normally would do. There's this really nice restaurant up in one of the local snooty towns that does a pajama brunch. If you come in your pajamas, they'll give you half price on your brunch. It's a good time, actually. I've only been able to go three times (including yesterday) since I work every Sunday. I was really excited because they have this AMAZING coconut banana french toast with walnuts. And really good coffee. And mimosas. And apparently good bloody marys if you like that sort of thing (I don't).

After driving around the freakishly small parking lot (there are MAYBE 30 spaces. maybe.) for a good 20 minutes, we decide to park across the street. Sit down fairly quickly for this place. Normally it's a 30 minute wait for brunch. Put our order in with our spritely waitress. Five minutes after receiving our coffee, orange juice, water, and bloody mary (obviously not mine..) the power goes out. There was no pop, no noise, no indication as to why the power went out... just blackness. I mean it was daytime so there was sun coming through the windows, but it was still pretty dark.

Then the fire alarm started going off. For a good 15 minutes. Every five minutes... IT GOT LOUDER.

Apparently this has been happening all summer. Once it happened during dinner service (aka no sunlight. Blackness. Pitch black. It's like eating at one of those restaurants where it's all about the senses, except you're mad). The fire company shows up. Fire alarm goes off. Our poor waitress came over and told us that she had no idea if we were getting our food or not. Then she comes back 5 minutse later (while the fire alarm is still blaring) that they ARE making our breakfast because it was being cooked BEFORE the power went off.

I know. Why didn't we leave. The food is REALLY good. And I had been looking forward to some coconut banana french toast with walnuts for THREE DAYS. I was getting my damn french toast. I didn't care if I was sitting there all day. Luckily I only had to wait until just after the fire alarm went off.

One good thing happened on Sunday though. I went to this cute little clothing boutique in one of the snooty towns, expecting to see freakishly high price tags. I picked out this really cute black jersey dress with lace cap sleeves for $34 (I know, right!?). When they rang it up... $9. Win.


Joanie M said...

I'm glad you were able to get you French toast and wtg on the dress!! You always find the BEST deals! That settles it. You are definitely going shopping with me when I look for a dress for your wedding!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Wow I've never had that happen before while dining out. But if I was looking forward to something like that, I would be hesitant to leave too. Maybe it can be a to go order?