Friday, July 16, 2010

Man I feel gullible right now.

I'm that person that sales people drool over. I'm that person that you say "Oh this product does x, y, z... I've had great feedback, etc" and it's in my bag. Normally, I get good results from it, too, and I'm happy.

I just got back from the mall. I went to GNC because they have a new line of vitamins out called wellbeing, and they're getting good reviews. A bunch of people had recommended their new hair-skin-nails vitamin called bebeautiful, and so I decided to get it. I decided to pick up another multi because the one I have is almost gone. Plus it's really hard to swallow.

One thing I will say about the new vitamin, it's easy to take. That's a big thing for me. It's coated so it's easy to swallow, and it also tastes good. Kind of like coated Advil.

But here's why I feel gullible: GNC guy talked me OUT of buying the store's brand of hair health vitamin and into buying this other one called Shen Min. He said he used to work for VitaminWorld, and he sold a crapton of this stuff there. Said it was the best on the market. I went online after I got back, and on GNC's website, it's the worst-reviewed hair-health vitamin. On other sites that are non-affliated with a store, it gets good reviews. I almost feel like this guy talked me into buying this one because it's twice as much as the GNC brand.

What do you think? Is gullible written on the ceiling? Or did this guy give this vitamin to me because it's actually awesome?

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Julie said...

I'm never sure about vitamin reviews- I don't think there is a single thing on the planet that works for everybody, so that means that no matter what the product or vitamin is, some people are going to hate it. I think he probably really liked the one he sold you. More importantly- you seem to like the vitamin! coated is good.