Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This was a good idea.... right?

I think I may have done something epicly (is that a word?) dumb.

I joined a kickball league.

I am mostly unathletic. I used to be a cheerleader, but that was about 10 years ago. I used to dance, but haven't in 4 years. I don't exercise, despite trying Jillian Michaels in January. And I genuinely LIKE exercising (in the I like how my body feels AFTER way, not during) but refuse to get up early to sweat.

Gzilla talked me into it. And our very pushy friend that we play Quizzo with. So for the summer... I get to play kick ball on a team with a hilariously offensive name every Wednesday. I haven't told ULTA yet. I'm supposed to get a review tomorrow (I don't THINK I should be nervous about that)

Our hilariously offensive team name? Chaos Under New Terms.

Despite my lack of athletic skill, both Gzilla and our pushy friend feel that I would be better than most girls? Maybe that's because I'm fiesty and competitive. I have oft dreamed of becoming a Roller Derby girl, but Gzilla says that I'm not hard core enough for Roller Derby. I really think I could kick ass. And I would totally have some punk knitting name. I can't think of any bad ass knitting puns at the moment, but I'd find one!

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Nakia Stewart said...

Wow your team's name is amazing. I laughed at first when I looked at the acronym for it. I hope you do well on the team.I wish I had an extracurricular activity to join so I can lose weight. I think that would be better than exercising in front of a tv.