Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Everything Hurts

Remember when I said I did something dumb and joined a kickball team? My first game was last night. Kickball. Why do my arms hurt if I was playing KICK ball?

It wasn't my TEAM'S first game, just my first game. My team's first game was last Wednesday. You know. THE DAY I got back from Ireland. Last week I came home, sat down for about 40 minutes, brought Gzilla some clothes to play kickball in, and then watched everybody play kickball. My body hated me because it just wanted to go to sleep.

This week, after having a mostly shit day that started with a check engine light and ended with me wanting to punch the next person who looked at my funny, I had to drive my car to the dealership (6 months old.. 4200 miles... CHECK ENGINE LIGHT? WTF?) then drive all the way BACK to basically where I work to play kickball.

We lost.

But we lost 10-8, so it could have been worse. Especially because the score WAS 10-4... and then we scored 4 runs in one inning. I did not score a run. But I did get on base! Twice! Once I even got to third! And I got someone out at second base! I'm awesome. And the team was played was really good. One of their guys kicked the ball INTO THE NEXT FREAKING FIELD. That's just wrong. But the highlight of my night wasn't losing at kickball, or even playing kickball. It was going to the bar afterwards with the team and just hanging out for a few hours.

But now, my everything hurts. I'm so out of shape. I can't handle it after one 7-inning kickball game. And I realized just now that because I got a ride into work by a coworker who happens to live by me, and I didn't pack a lunch, I don't get to eat lunch. Balls.

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Joanie M said...

So, what's the problem with your car? Luckily it's under warranty and they should fix it for free. Too bad about the missed lunch though.