Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change of Plans

I don't know if you've been following news of the ash cloud at all...but I've been stranded in Ireland. My original flight home was scheduled for Sunday...cancelled. Then I was put on a flight on Tuesday, but there was a seat on the Monday flight, so we switched it to Monday...cancelled. The Tuesday flight is now BOOKED, so the earliest flight out that I could take was tomorrow, Wednesday. So far, everything looks good. All of today's flights have left Dublin Airport, so that's a good sign. I should be home Wednesday afternoon. Three days late. Darn.

In my extended stay, I've managed to be awesome at Quiz (pulled a question OUT OF NOWHERE only to get one wrong later. We still won the game, but didn't win the chance to get the jackpot of 750Euro. Balls), I sang backup vocals during band rehearsal, and I'm going to the Wicklow Mountains today.

For the whole band thing, my friend used to work for this company that is launching anew product that is sort of like an iPad except it displays music tablatures? It's called an iTab. The launch party is Thursday (I'll miss it..) and my friend is singing backup vocals for BOBBY KIMBLE FROM TOTO. She's also doing Stevie Nick's "Edge of Seventeen" with another friend. The girl singing lead on that is a for serious musical genius. I helped pick out where the harmonies were (because I'm awesome like that) and then at rehearsal with the whole band, they asked me to fill in for the other girl who couldn't make it. It sounded DEADLY. I'm really jealous that I won't get to see it on Thursday, and they were actually a bit bummed that I wouldn't be there to sing backup vocals. Then we hung out with the band while they practiced some of the other songs they're doing... Brown Sugar, Don't Stop Believing, Cowboy Song, Boys are Back in Town, Hold the Line, and Sultans of Swing. It was like my own private concert in song random apartment in Ireland. I was in complete heaven, let me tell you. Seriously. That was my life yesterday...singing backup vocals at a band rehearsal IN IRELAND.

I'm excited for today, though, because I was bummed that we didn't get to go to the Wicklow Mountains last week. I was going to go solo since my friend has band rehearsal and has to do a ton of schoolwork, but one of her friends offered to drive me there (which is way faster... by like an hour at least) and give me a tour of Wicklow himself. It's going to be gorgeous. I just wish the sky was as blue as it was yesterday. It's a bit cloudy, and looks like rain. Maybe I'll be lucky though and it will be as warm as it was yesterday. I didn't even need a coat or a sweater.


Joanie M said...

So cool that you had that opportunity to sing! For the record, I miss hearing you sing. Always one of my favorite pasttimes.
Enjoy your last day in Ireland and have a safe trip home.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Wow sorry to hear you've been stranded but I'm glad you've made the best out of it. There are worst places to be stranded.