Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thems Fightin' Words

I realize that I can be the not nicest person in the world. I am mostly polite, but I don't tolerate stupidity, nor do I tolerate ignorance or flat out rudeness. And I'm not afraid to let you know how I feel about that anymore.

Last night, I was RIDICULOUSLY lucky and managed to score 2 seats at the Flyers game. I'm a huge Philadelphia sports fan, mostly Phillies, but I do love me some hockey. Something about dudes on ice skatings beating the crap out of each other really turns me on. Anyway. I'm really excited, because I've never been to a hockey play off game before (so the Flyers are in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup. We beat the NJ Devils to advance to the second round... and we're now playing the Boston Bruins).

We get to our seat, guy behind us flirts with me in front of Gzilla, I give an awkward smile at him... and then realize that he's wearing a Bruins jersey. As are all of the people sitting next to him. I SURROUNDED by GD Boston fans. Great. And these guys are LOUD and OBNOXIOUS about it. Less than 3 minutes into the game, the Flyers score off of a deflection. Gorgeous goal. The Wachovia Center erupts. Orange is everywhere. It's great.

And then the Flyers gave up. I have no idea what the heck they were playing, but that wasn't hockey. The passing was pathetic and sloppy, they wasted 6 power plays, and our goalie wasn't as awesome as he has been. We lost 4-1. And I've been to hockey games where the Flyers lost before, but this was just bad. And the douches behind me made everything worse.

We went out to get food, and found two of them in our seats when we got back. Gzilla and I had talked about moving up a row so that they weren't directly behind me anymore, since I was starting to get very testy and Gzilla was afraid he was going to get punched because of my anger? But when I saw those two guys in my seat... and saw the look on the face of the girl who was sitting next to us "help me, PLEASE!" I couldn't let them do that. So I sharply said "Excuse me. I'd like my seats back, thanks."

Then, flirty loud guy tries to get my attention my poking me. IN THE SIDE BOOB. He dropped a $20 and it was under my seat. But who pokes a stranger in the SIDE BOOB? Who pokes any woman in the boob, side or not, and stranger or not! That is not acceptable!!! I gave him some shit (like I should) and did eventually give him back his money (what? I know I'm a bitch, but I'm not rude). Gzilla was pretty proud of me though that I didn't get into a blowout with these jerks, I didn't get punched or punch them and get arrested, nor did I get Gzilla punched. But I did hold my own against these guys with the smack talk.

In all honesty, they were obnoxious, but they weren't wrong nor did they cross the line (except for that poking my side boob thing, but I honestly don't think he did that on purpose. At least I hope not). At one point, Aaron Asham (a Flyer) made a shot towards the goal, and from our angle it looked like a goal, so we started to get excited until we found out that there was no goal, so obnoxious guy yells "OPTICAL ILLUSION!!!" That was actually pretty funny.

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