Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why can't I just give it up?

We all know that I consider myself a "recovering" actor. Every now and then, I have a relapse (like when I did the 2008 NYC Fringe Festival) but then I go back to my regularly scheduled life. I do keep many actor friends. Most of my friends from college were actors... and most of them live in NYC or LA trying to make it work in "the business."

Then I have my poker friends who are also actors, but I met them post college (and I'm the youngest by I think only 5 years, but most of them are 10+ years older than I). One of these friends is an agent, and he's the agent for all these guys. Then I have my friend Kevin who lives in NYC and keeps trying to get me to give him my resume (both acting and professional) because he thinks I'd be "awesome" in New York. And I have a guy who works with me at the station who tells me every. day. how I have a great voice and a lot of talent (he's never seen me act before, for the record) and that he thinks I need to pursue it.

Ideally, I'd LOVE to be a voice over actor. I would love nothing more than to just voice things for the rest of my life. That's actually been my dream since I was young. Then, I wanted to be a Disney princess. Now I'll settle for whatever. I have the resources. I understand the business. I'm just a little bit chicken, and a lot overwhelmed. I didn't deal well with rejection, which was why I left acting. But a large part of me wants to ask my agent friend to maybe send me out on a few commercial auditions. Or ask my friend Kevin if he knows a voice agent who would work with me or at least listen to my demo.

I don't know... I'm torn.


Joanie M said...

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! You will never know unless you try. You do really well in the commercials you're doing now. Why not try to get paid for them!

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh you should totally look into this. I think it would be fun to see what happens and you can make amazing money in it.