Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow comes up, Charlie Brown. It comes up!

You would think that living on the east coast, I'd be used to snow by now. I hate snow. People become stupid when it snows. Last weekend, my plans were ruined by snow. And THIS weekend it looks like they're going to be ruined by snow again. It's my friend's annual Night of 1000 Shrimp Party. This is the 4th year we've been invited (we've only known these people for 4 years) and it's the first time we've been able to go. And are we? Probably not if it's snowing.

The party is about 2 hours away... and after the fiasco driving to the Lehigh Valley last week, I'm absolutely NOT going ANYWHERE NEAR Jersey and their ridiculous drivers in this kind of weather. No thank you.

Don't get me wrong... snow is pretty. And when I was in school, I LOVED snow because that meant I got to stay home and play in it! But now? When it snows? I have to go to work. Because radio still happens when it snows. In fact, more people listen to the radio when it snows.. because we tell people what is closed. So I HAVE to go to work (unless it's a state of emergency I think, in which case that never happens here). If I got to just stay inside, drink hot chocolate, knit, watch movies, and LOOK at the snow... I'd be all for it. But instead, the snow is just going to screw up my weekend plans and then make me cry on my drive to work because everyone around me has completely forgotten how to drive in the snow.

This also makes me think of this one time Gene was pulled over last winter, and he had a shovel in his backseat. The police officer started grilling him about it... and I think he wanted to search the car or something, and Gene just said, "Um, officer? We live in Delaware. It snows here. I need the shovel to dig my car out, and last time it was in my trunk, the trunk was iced shut."

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