Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Knitting check-in

We are 2 weeks from Christmas. And how's my knitting going?

People who are done:
* Sister
* Mom
* nuWife

People are are started:
* Brother (90%)
* Gene (60%)
* Colleen (50%)
* Future MIL (5%)

Not even started:
* Gene's gramma
* Gene's dad (if I have time...)

I had to do a few switcheroos. If you notice... Daddy Dearest is off the list, and Brother is in. Why? Because when I asked my brother what he wanted for Christmas he said, "But I thought you were making something for me..." in a very disappointed "but I was really looking forward to that" kind of way, and I melted. So my dad's scarf is now for my brother. So now my father is the only person in my immediate family who isn't getting anything handknit from me. But you know what? I've never IN MY LIFE seen that man wear a scarf or a hat. I think once I saw him wear gloves. And if he really wants something, then I'll make something.

I also changed the MIL's gift from mittens to a cowl. Why? Because the pattern I picked for the mittens is written in Dutch. I don't speak or read Dutch. There is an English translation, but it isn't written as clearly as I like patterns written... and I'm not doing math nor am I guessing. So cowl it is. It's still in the same yarn (white alpaca... very elegant and VERY warm) and I started it yesterday.

I finally found the sleeves for Gene's sweater. And even though his is my largest project, and I started his first... his is the last on my list. It's probably good anyway, because if I give it to him unfinished... I can have him try it on and make sure it's fitting. He really has no idea that it's coming, though. I think. I think he's tried to pry and SEE if I'm giving him a sweater, but I'm really good at the "I'm never making you a sweater, damnit" game.

I totally forgot that I told Gene I would make his grandmother something. Hers might not be done by Christmas. It's most likely not going to be done by Christmas. She's getting a hot water bottle and a lovely cabled hot water bottle cover.

Colleen's HAS TO BE FINISHED. Her mittens don't take me very long, but I also wanted to do a hat to match. But I don't feel like international shipping. She comes back to the States Dec 20 and is here for about 10 days... so hers needs to get done fairly soon. I want to be farther along in the MIL first.

WHY WHY WHY did I do this to myself!????

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Joanie M said...

Mine is finished? Oh goody!!

So what are you getting Dad? I have some ideas, but it will probably just get me in trouble. hehehe

And doesn't Colleen now follow your blog?? She might see what you've written and not be surprised.