Monday, December 21, 2009

I knew there was a reason I hated snow.

Saturday was actually very lovely. Even though outside was ridiculous, I basically didn't move all day. We ended up with 17 inches. Gene did go out in the morning, because he had to work at the station, but he got there and came home without incident. The party in Jersey ended up being cancelled, and probably for the best because my friend would have made his 1000 shrimp, and then he would have been left to eat them all by himself.

Sunday, the roads were still a bit scary, and of course I had to go to my retail job. God forbid they take the safety of their employees into consideration. This morning everything was okay though.

The worst part of this whole thing is that my best friend is now stranded in Ireland. Her flight from Dublin to Philly was CANCELLED. She was supposed to come in on Sunday, and the earliest flight she could get out of Dublin was on Thursday..Christmas Eve. And I don't know if her trip is going to get extended, so that means that I probably won't get to see her since she'll only be home for 5 days instead of 10. Needless to say, I'm a bit angry at Mother Nature right now. She's only home twice a year. If worse comes to worst, then I'll just go to her house after Christmas Brunch with Daddy Dearest and hang out at her house. I know her family won't let me kidnap her for the day. I really hope that it works itself out...


Bayjb said...

God 17 inches? I would throw myself out a window. I cannot handle that kind of snow amounts at once. I would never leave the house

Joanie M said...

We lucked out with 8 inches. and I never got out of my pajamas on Saturday! Haven't done that in years!