Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Success... I suppose.

Well, my sister didn't punch the dreaded stepmother in the face... I didn't poison anyone with my cooking... and I didn't yell at any of my extended family members. Ok that's a lie. Just one. The one who said "Where the heck is Gene? He doesn't come here anymore." to which I responded "BECAUSE YOU'RE MEAN TO HIM!" in a slightly joking manner, except I wasn't joking. I also may or may not have lost my shit while talking about my friend Rich who died (the chocolate cake man...) while holding my cousin's 1 mo. old baby. That was a fun time. And it was also the second Christmas in a row when I was the only cousin of my generation to not get a Christmas gift from my godfather. I have a loving family.

All in all though, it was good. I was blessed with lots and lots of knitting-ness (many many DPNs, SPNs, and circulars! Actually, Denise interchangeables. Knitting books, and a ball winder. Gene didn't know what a swift was so he didn't get that. So he gets to hold my stuff until he realizes how much easier it would be with a swift), a very pretty sparkly (read: diamond) in the form of a princess cut solitare necklace, new perfume (J'Adore. Yum.), and gift certs for clothes. Of which I've spent all my Ann Taylor ones... on two pairs of jeans and four tops. I'm slowly upgrading my closet to "big girl clothes" and getting rid of all of the stuff I've worn since high school. Seriously.

The biggest holiday surprise was the hassle that Gene got for not getting me an engagement ring for Christmas. A of all, getting it for Christmas is cheating. He doesn't have to think about a present at all. B of all, it is really no ones business! Let alone the sales guy at the jewelry store! At the company Christmas party, I got about $200 in gift certificates to a local jewelry store. I gave the gift certs to Gene and said "buy me something pretty." While he was there, he decided to look at rings. He said upfront that he wasn't buying today but that he wanted to know what the alotted budget would get him. So the guys were nagging him for a while about why he wasn't getting a ring.. and the one guy was trying to talk Gene into a journey pendant that was $2,000. When they did show him rings, they were showing him $10,000 rings... $8,000 rings... not anywhere near the budget. The one they showed him that was closest was $4,500. Um. I would feel uncomfortable wearing a piece of jewelry that was that expensive. Let alone the fact that if we had that much to throw around, I'd throw it at my kitchen...not a piece of jewelry. Needless to say, Gene isn't at all going to that place to get my ring when he finally does buy it. But it will match my necklace.

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