Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it Saturday now?

By 9AM this morning... I was ready for it to be 5:30. This is the first chance I've had to breathe all day. I'm already going to have to stay late. Good thing Gene asked if we could have soup and sandwiches for dinner. Anything more difficult than that and I might have gone a little more nuts.

I'm so not ready for Thursday. I still have the baby blanket for my boss to finish (I'm like maybe 60% done. I hope it won't take too long...) and slippers for our receptionist who retired after 27 years by Wednesday. Actually, I have to finish those TONIGHT. The slippers I can work on Tuesday at work (I cover the receptionist desk at lunchtime and I can't use the programs I need on that computer, so I knit or read). Plus I need to super clean my house tonight since I'm working at ULTA tomorrow and Wednesday I'm not going to be home. I don't have a lot to do... just with all the knitting it feels like I'll never get it all done.

The Christmas party was fine. I actually ended up winning $200 in gift certificates to a local jeweler. So I'm getting something pretty for Christmas! They kept showing Gene $10,000 engagement rings. I know that's not what I'm getting... but he looked at some while he was there, and the sales people kept giving him a hard time and kept showing him things that were 3-4times the budget! He kept saying "I have $x that I want to spend... what will that get me?" and they were like "oooh isn't this pretty? This is only $5000." Seriously? I mean I know that it's your job to sell a fancier ring, but if someone says I only want to spend x, it's probably because they are never ever going to pay $5000 on one piece of jewelry. I'm not a fancy girl. I don't need antique setting and platinum. White gold, princess cut. And pretty. That's all I ask for.

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