Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party Meltdown...

I'm finally getting to go to the company Christmas party. I've been invited for the past 4 years, but this is is the first year I've been able to go.

Year 1, 2004: Junior year in college... Gene was working for the station and it was his second Christmas party. My boss now was getting married the next day, so he was picking me up from school in Allentown PA Friday night, we were driving down to go to the Christmas Party and then going to the wedding the following day. I was on my way to the mall that I worked at to pick up my paycheck and on my way home, my antilock breaks locked (hmm...?) and I totalled my car. We didn't make it to the Chrsitmas party that year.

Year 2, 2005: Senior year in college... the previous year I skipped "Scholarship Audition Day" at my college theatre. We orchestrate the audition process for incoming freshmen at my school and take them on tours, make them feel comfortable, time them, etc. We also do two performances from a student directing class. The year before I asked for my play to be taken out of consideration since I knew I wouldn't be able to go at all. But I wasn't missing my last year, so I told Gene I couldn't go to the party.

Year 3, 2006: My first year at the station. I had theatre tickets to see 42nd Street at the Walnut Street Theatre. My dad has season tickets, and I had both seats for the Christmas show that year. I was actually not too impressed by 42nd Street. I've found that I don't really like that show as a whole... it just stops.

Year 4, 2007: My second year at the station. Again, I had theatre tickets. I don't remember what show it was. I'm not even sure if it was Walnut or not. It could have been DTC.

Year 5, 2008: My third year at the station... and finally I'm able to go. Except things aren't going so well. It's 4:49 at the moment... and I still need to drive home, put my face on, fix my hair, and put on my cute pretty dress. And I have AEs putting contracts in to start this weekends. For spots that I still need to produce. Which means I also have to change all of the promos. Do these people realize how long it takes me to make my hair look pretty!? When it's been rainy all day!? It takes a while! I have big frizzy hair in the rain! I'm a little disgruntled. I only wish it was a cash bar tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Joanie6726 said...

Hope you made it to the party and you had a blast!