Friday, December 5, 2008

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

My day kind of sucked today. So I had to redo my big big big awesome interview that I landed for my show a SECOND time because the audio quality was poor. So I go to edit it today, and ran into the same problem. Luckily I had a backup interview, but this one was supercool and I'm super bummed.

So after getting shat on figuratively, I go to the mall to get lunch and to pick up a few more things for Gene. I step out of my car and am about 100 feet from the door when I am LITERALLY shat on. By a stupid seagull. So now I have bird poo all over my nice wool peacoat. It did need to be drycleaned, but I wanted to be able to have another coat on before I took it to the drycleaners. So then I drove around a while trying to find a drycleaner, but now I'm sans coat until Wednesday. Boo. Not to mention I have to ULTA tonight, so I have no coat to wear when I leave the store at 10:30 or so and it's FREEZING OUTSIDE.

Me and today aren't getting along right now.

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