Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How much is too much?

How many times a week do you need to eat out for it to be too much? I went out for my friend's birthday last night to a fondue restuarant (seriously. Do you need to charge me that much to cook my own food though? And our server wasn't very nice at all. And spilled wine on our table and didn't clean it up). I'm going out to this little tavern tonight (with AMAZING food) because myself and two of my coworkers each have $40 gift certificates for there, so we're having a little date.

Next week, we're going to the restaurant OF MY FAVORITE EVER TOP CHEF CONTESTANT AND I AM SO FLIPPING EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. I can't wait. I just want to skip over the rest of this week and go right to next Friday so I can eat at her restaurant. It was my Christmas present. I love Top Chef. I think it's the best reality contest show on television. My fave girl was from Philly.. and she was FIERCE. Also her restaurant is the closest to us. I was PISSED when she had to pack her knives. But now I get to eat her food (hopefully she works on a Friday night.. I figured that would be a good night to go)

I wanted to go this week, because I'm just so excited.. but Gene said that I'd be eating out three days this week and that is too much. I think that's just dumb. I think eating out 5-7 days a week is too much. And it's not like i eat out 3 days a week every week. This is a special week! Birthday! Top Chef! and gift certificates! That one almost doesn't count.


Bayjb said...

Where are you going? I've been to a few Top Chef restaurants and I love ALL of the food there.

Joanie M said...

Gene needs to get his priorities in order. Tell him the kitchen stays cleaner longer if you eat out more often.

starbucksfeen said...

(from WeLoveComments)

I eat out a lot too and I think that's why I gained a little weight lol so I'm cutting back now.

Did you go to the Melting Pot?? It was delicious but I agree - WAY too much money to cook your own food!

Which contestant was from Philly? Was she blonde? I have her in my head but I can't think of her name. If you live near or in Philly I suggest going to Alma de Cuba in Center City, it is AMAZING! There and Buddkhan :)

RecoveringActor said...

She was blonde!! It's Jen Carroll... she cooks at 10 Arts in Philadelphia, which is owned by Eric Ripert. I'm super excited.

Amanda said...

Oooohh WHICH TOP CHEF?!?!?! We looooove that show! Either way super excited for YOU! Tell them it's your birthday...LOL!

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Happy New Year!