Monday, January 11, 2010

You need to SLOW DOWN when...

It's no secret that I work two jobs and that I'm really stubborn and have to do things for myself. Thursday night, I was ULTAing... doing my usual stuff. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary (except go outside without a coat on next door because I was chasing a shoplifter, but I doubt that's related). Friday, I woke up and my back had seized. I mean... I couldn't bend over AT ALL. Two inches was about as far as I could go without screaming. I cried most of the day. Went to the doctor, they gave me medicine (that I'm pretty sure isn't working at all. Aren't muscle relaxers supposed to make you all drooly? not drooly. In fact, mostly still in pain)

Saturday... I had to clean my entire house. Like CA-LEAN. It was my friend Sara's 30th birthday party... we had it at our house bc the building she was going to have it in was way too big for the number of people coming. It was a bit snug at my house, but we had plenty of food (even vegan cupcakes! which were delicious! who knew?) and plenty to drink. But me, being stubborn, had to everything myself. So I basically cleaned the whole house. Sara came over to help me.. and I wouldn't let her. As soon as I finished... I was completely exhausted, but on muscle relaxers... so I was pretty sure that if I took a 20 minute power nap, I wouldn't wake up until tomorrow.

Today it's a bit better. I tried to take it easy at the ULTA on Sunday, and left early. I feel like if someone grabbed my legs... and someone else grabbed my arms... and they both pulled, THEN I'd feel better. I really need to call my chiropractor.

The only good thing that came out of this weekend is that I'm no longer panicking about the Big M Word. I've been feeling really bad about myself lately. Gene and I got into a really big fight on New Years Eve (great timing, right?) about weddings and all that... and he said something really hurtful that he didn't mean, but I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I mean, I've spent seven years of my life with this guy... we're not engaged... I want to be... I want to get married... he just wants to go to the JOP and "get it overwith." Real romantic, right? But my best friend was over Saturday night, and she talked me off of the ledge. I'm not entirely confident that it's going to get better, in all honesty, but she at least convinced me to stay.


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RecoveringActor said...

You love the act of ca-leaning... or the word? Because if you love the act of ca-leaning, DO I HAVE A JOB FOR YOU!

At the college i went to, we used to make up words.... or separate words for emphasis. The other one is Ah-Mazing. Which is better than amazing.