Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Miss Overachiever

Remember those books from way back when? The Little Miss and Mister Men books? Little Miss Sunshine... Little Miss Chatterbox... Mister Grumpy... Mister Nosey?

Meet Little Miss Overachiever. (me)

Ravelympics 2010 is coming up, and for you non-knitters and non-ravelers, it's this challenge that the awesome folks of Ravelry came up with to coincide with the Olympics. We start new projects during the opening ceremonies of the olympics, and the projects have to be finished by the end of the Olympics. 17 days. What do I decide to do? A SWEATER. A really pretty sweater. That I started and screwed up, so I have to start again, but I have new really pretty yummy yarn for Christmas that is itching to become this sweater.

But before Ravelympics happens... I have two baby sweaters to do. One for a good friend from work, and another for friends from college. One is due in March, the other in April... and baby showers are SOON. As in "Oh shit I have to do this in two weeks? Both of them?" Whoops.

The plan is to finish BOTH sweaters before Ravelympics starts. Or, have the March baby sweater finished and the April baby sweater halfway finished, because her shower isn't until late February-early March. And I'm planning it. So I can push it until I'm finished.

Oh yeah, and I'm not finished Gene's Christmas sweater yet. Whoops.

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Amanda said...

YUMMY! I LOVE that sweater!