Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My gypsy days

Every Monday is knitting night. I mean, I knit every day almost... but on Mondays I go to this coffee shop downtown and knit with a bunch of other women. Yesterday there were 10 of us (including me) and another 4 or 5 that couldn't make it. We've started trying to do special evenings. And the girls found out that I read tarot cards. I have since I was about 12. My best friend growing up's father was (probably still is) Wiccan, and this company he worked for manufactured tarot cards. He gave me my first deck. I've since had two others, but the deck I have now is by far my favorite. I got it in this Wiccan store in New Hope, PA that no longer exists. I used to go to New Hope once a year while I was in high school for a drama competition. Won Best Actress in a musical. I'm pretty sure I no longer have the trophy.

Anyway. I tend to not tell people that I read tarot because A. they expect me to have every card memorized. It's a lot of cards people, and I do have them memorized but I like to have the book so that I'm not wrong. and B. they expect me to do their reading and for them to immediately understand what I'm talking about. A lot of time I'm crazy dead on, but sometimes it won't make sense for about a month or so. The play that I did over the summer when the cast lived with me? I read their cards. Well, the girls anyway. One of them did something really crazy because of what the reading told her...she just up and moved to Chicago. I didn't tell her to do it, but that's what she took it as.

I miss reading tarot cards a lot. I used to do it more often in college and in high school than I do now. I was actually offered a job reading tarot for one of those 1-800 numbers when I was 15, but I would have had to work between 10pm and 6am. My parents claimed that they were okay with it and that it was my decision, but I'm pretty sure they were freaked out. My extended family has no idea about the tarot. My aunt the nun would probably have a heart attack. Good Catholics don't like tarot.

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday. I did 8 readings, which is a lot and it's very draining. It was also very loud... and I like to have quiet when I do readings. If I do them again for the girls I'm going to suggest we don't do it at the coffee shop. Plus some weird guy (who we think words in some kind of wedding planning something or other because he was meeting with a new bride and her mom) came up to me and asked me to do a reading. I didn't. Is that bad? I thought it was weird that he just came up and asked me... but I really wanted to get some actual knitting done on my sweater and also I was tired. Readings take a little bit out of you. Maybe I should apply for one of those 1-800 tarot reading jobs again.


Joanie said...

Tim was or is a Wiccan??? Wow, the things your kids tell you when they grow up! You know, every now and then you throw me a zinger! I have no memory of you wanting to work one of those 1-800 tarot numbers. Mostly likely, I was half listening and just blew it off. You never offered to do a reading for me... I wonder why? Ot why didn't I ask?

RecoveringActor said...

Oh yeah. So Tim is Wiccan... (or at least he was then. Before they moved to Florida)

I don't know why you never asked... but I'd certainly do one. We just need to kick the cats out.

*Di said...

If you work for one of those 1 800 places, I'll call you, but only if you use a fake jamaican accent when doing your readings..

Temple said...

I feel your pain...I used to read tarot cards (guess I still could if I picked the book back up again and refreshed) and as soon as you mention it in a crowd it's like BOOM...please form a line. Now I just replace that with:

"So, what do you do?"
"I'm a lawyer"
"Oh! Really? Well, I have this problem...."

Proceed with 45 minutes of free legal advice and remind self to start saying I am a carpet cleaner or bagger at the local Piggly Wiggly...

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh that is awesome about your knitting group. I have one too! I'm a deliquent though. I need to keep rocking on my scarf.

Jenny Girl said...

Well I think that's pretty cool. The tarrot card ability. There were a couple of ladies on my block growing up (South Philly), that would just see things. You would be talking about the weather, and then they would say I see you with such and such. The things they said came true. But you would never asked to be read, not with these ladies. They just did it if the mood struck them.
You have every right to deny someone a reading. It's your gift and it's up to you :)