Monday, November 15, 2010

PC Prison Recap

Well, Gzilla and I survived. Actually... we had FUN. I know. Inconceivable! But we did. We even made friends with another couple. I was really worried about the whole roommate situation, but it ended up being fine. There were 11 couples on the retreat. All the women stayed in one house and the men stayed in another, and each house had 8 bedrooms... so only a few people had to share a room, and I wasn't one of them!

The one thing I will say is that I'm TIRED. We were on retreat from Friday night at 7 until Sunday afternoon at noon. We didn't actually get home until 1:30 or so because we hung around for a bit and then stopped for groceries on the way home. We were very ambitious in our cooking that evening. I made NY strip steaks with carrots and parsnips for dinner (by the way... parsnips are flipping awesome) and a pot roast for the next night. I was going to put it together this morning and we could eat it tonight. Except I didn't know that I have to work tonight. So I made it last night... we put it away this morning, and we're going to eat it on Tuesday. My house smelled amazing this morning. However I was up cooking until around midnight, after an emotionally draining weekend. To say that I'm tired is a huge understatement.

I feel a bit silly because I was so worried about the retreat, but there ended up being nothing to get worked up about. We liked it so much, and think that we got a lot out of it, that we're considering being 'team couples' for future retreats and leading some of the discussions.

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Joanie M said...

I'm glad you ended up enjoying your retreat! One more thing to cross off your wedding prep list!