Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For a moment... I'm going to be a girl.

Not just a girl. THAT girl. That girl who is obsessed with shoes.

I bought my wedding shoes the other day. From this website Rue La La where you can designer stuff discounted. Sometimes it's last season stuff... sometimes it's sample sale. I belong to another one called Gilt Group, but I'm starting to like Rue La La a bit more.

Anyway, a few days ago... they had my favorite designer. kate spade. I LOVE kate spade. I actually have a bag of hers that I bought at a charity store for $39 (because I'm awesome and know how to shop). Lately I haven't been looking at the Gilt Group or Rue La La pages because I'm saving for the wedding and all that jazz, but this time I thought "Well... let me just SEE if they have any shoes..."

THANK GOD I DID. I found my wedding shoes. And I bought them. They were sold out of every size except mine and a few others... and I thought about it. I even asked Gzilla, but he was of no help. So I texted becklette and she convinced me that HELLO I should buy them. And I did. Now I'm $129 poorer, BUT I HAVE KATE SPADE SHOES FOR $129. I'm going to wear my favorite designer's shoes on my wedding. And they're THE PERFECT shoe. Perfect.

See? Perfect wedding shoes. I can't wait until they get here.


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Woah! Those are fantabulous!