Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time for a Change

I decided to change up my look. I went over to Shabby Blogs and picked out some new elements. Thoughts? Concerns? Lewd remarks?

Things are changing around here, too. I'm finally getting recognition for something that I work very hard on at work (finally!). Gzilla is trying his hand at new and exciting things (please send lots of crossed fingers and mojo our way!!). And I just think that things are moving the way they should.

I'm still slightly panicked about Ireland (the flying, the getting lost, the not enough time) but I'm super excited! And I promise at least one Ireland recap post... and TONS of pictures. I'm most likely not going to post while I'm there, even though I will have internet access. Maybe a teaser post. We'll see.

We decided that we're doing The Dublin Pass which gets us access to a bunch of different Dublin attractions, including St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse, but most importantly, The Old Jameson Distillery. YEAH WHISKEY! And even though I'm not a fan of stout (though in my defense, the only stout I've had is one that is from New Jersey and brewed with OYSTERS. Talk about GROSS. Thanks, Jersey) I promise I WILL try Guinness. I also want to try a Guinness here first before I go over, because apparently they taste completely different.

We're also going to a play in Ireland. This is probably what I'm most excited about, because my favorite Shakespeare play OF ALL TIME is playing at The Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The Scottish Play. It's that play that you don't say outloud because bad things happen? But since I'm not speaking, I have no problem typing it. Macbeth. I LOVE THAT PLAY. I can't wait!


FRANNIE said...

Love the new look. Your trip sounds like it's going to fun.

Try the Guiness, it's not as good here as it is there. :)

Joanie M said...

Love it!! I tried a 3 column design, but I hated it, so I'm back to the 2 column one.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Ooh, pretty blog!

So I don't like Guinness by itself at all, but I love it mixed with a woodchuck cider....a black and tan of sorts.

And I heard the same thing about Guinness there, that it's wayyyy better. I hate Heineken from here, it's skunky, but when we were in Amsterdam, I tried it fresh from the brewery and it was AWESOME.