Monday, April 12, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do.

Not with Gzilla. Don't worry. With my hairstylist.

Two years ago, I had a horrific haircut. I have wavy/curly hair. A lot of it. If my hair is too short, I look like a boy. I mostly have long hair. But after 8-12 years of never being allowed to cut it (because of theatre) I rebelled, and chopped my long hair up above my shoulders (gasp!). Then after 4 years of the same haircut, I got tired of it. I went to a really fancy schmancy salon here, asked for their curly-hair specialist, and paid $75 for a haircut.

I know.

If there is one thing you don't do with curly hair, or even very thick hair for that matter, you don't razor cut it. What does this "curly hair specialist" do? Razors my hair. It's been 2 years. You'd think that my hair would grow out by now, but it hasn't. This could partly be because of my current stylist.

It all started with that Keratin treatment. I ended up having the salon manager at my place of business cut my hair. Then we had this "free haircut" thing where we had to get one of 3 haircuts. And the one was really cute, so she did my hair with that one. Except it looked nothing like it, and I have no idea wtf she did to my hair. In fact, you know that current popular bob style where it's way shorter in the back than it is in the front? Okay, picture that... except now picture long layers UNDER the bob. Doesn't work right? It doesn't work on my head either.

WHAT THE HELL? I have this weird shelf on my hair right at my ears. You know, where my hair is most POOFY. I had this one amazing cut by my friend's wife, and I think I'm going to go back to her. She's fabulous. Except I don't get discounted haircuts and color there, because I don't work there. So I need to shell out a bit more for cuts & color now (boo). But how do I break up with my current stylist? It's not like I can just never go back. I WORK THERE. And she can be mean.


FRANNIE said...

I would just make an appointment with the new stylist and if the other stylist says anything say really nicely that you wanted to try something new and freshen things up a bit.

Joanie M said...

I liked your long long curly hair.

Although, I like the more mature short dos too.

It's your hair. You go where you want to go. I didn't get insulted when you didn't have me cut your hair any more (actually, I was relieved! If you didn't like the cut, it wasn't MY fault!)

letmebeyoursong said...

Save this info:
JC Penney's salon at Christiana, ask for Linda Stinson (Stilton? something like that). Inexpensive, very talented.

Tell the current lady that you were at the mall and impulsively decided to stop in. Then tell her that you found out that you and the new stylist are long lost cousins and you have to go with family. ;-)