Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much LOST hatred...

I feel like there are two kinds of people. Those who love LOST, and those who HATE. IT. Most of my friends? Hate it. I think it's brilliant. It makes you think... it's very well written and incredibly well acted... and you really get invested in these characters. At least I do. I've said before that I'm not just a LOST watcher. I theorize... I watch episodes multiple times... I post about it on the internets (LOST boards, facebook, etc.) and I discuss LOST with a small handful of coworkers.

But I've found that while there is a large amount of my IRL friends who hate LOST, there is also another sub-set of LOST fans. Those who hate Jack. You know. The main character? I love Jack. Yes, he's whiny... and yes, he's mostly wrong. Why people didn't figure out in season 1 to never listen to Jack and always listen to Sayid, I'll never know. Jack is never EVER right. And he can be kind of a dick. But I love him. Maybe it's because I LURVED Party of Five and the rest of the Salinger gang. Maybe it's because I have faith in Darlton that they'll bring back S1 Jack in a redeeming way. He isn't my favorite character, but I don't despise him the way that a lot of fans do. And a lot of fans hate Kate, too! All of this surprises me. The only characters I hated were Nikki and Paolo, and Shannon. And look where they are now.

One of my friends promised me yesterday that he found spoilers for the end of LOST (yeah right) and he's just waiting until he can spoil it for me like the day of LOST's final episode. What an ass, right? I don't look up spoilers. I used to, but I don't anymore. And even when I did look up spoilers, Darlton is REALLY good about keeping big stuff very tight-lipped.

I really hate it when things are spoiled for me. The day I saw The Sixth Sense (with the whole family... including my 8 yr old sister who thought horror films were hilarious) I was on the phone with a friend. She asked what movie we were going see, and then she says "The Sixth Sense. Isn't that the movie where Bruce Willis is dead the whole time?" WHAT. THE. HELL. Why would you even say that?

And speaking of movies that are good that you need to watch before someone opens their big mouth about it... go see Shutter Island. Holy crap was that movie good. And despite what the trailer looks like, not even remotely a horror film. Not even close.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I love Jack too, although he is so flawed and SUCH a moron sometimes. I totally yelled at the TV last night as he was bashing the mirrors...I don't care if Jacob planned for him to do it the whole time, I wanted to see what else we could find out from them!

And I'm surprised by how many people hate Kate too. I don't hate her....although I will say that the Kate-centric episode was my least favorite so far this season.

I need to find you on FB and get in your Lost favorite thing to do on Tuesday mornings is get on and read what everyone has written on the boards!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

And by Tuesday morning, I meant Wednesday morning. I am a day behind. Oops.

Joanie M said...

I've decided I need to watch the entire series with you and you can explain EVERYTHING to me. I love the show. I don't understand a lot of it (like these 2 parallel universes... how can that be?) I'm glad they are finally answering questions. I better not be pissed when the series ends and I'm still clueless.

Al said...

I'm stalking your blog (thank you, google reader!) I love Lost too, and theorize about it with my sister endlessly (we've already exchanged a dozen emails about last night's episode). AND I agree - the only characters I truly hated were Nikki and Paolo...I love Jack for his flaws, but my favorite character is Mr. Locke...the "real" Mr. Locke ;)

Bayjb said...

I agree. People "get" Lost or don't. Fortunately, most of my friends do like it. I'm dying to see how this all comes together.