Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

The sky vomited snow all over me yesterday. They were predicting 6-12 inches. Then it became 12-15 inches. Nope. 26.5 inches of snow. It's officially the second highest snowfall in this area, only beat by 1996 when there was three feet.

I'm not a fan of snow. In fact, now that I'm not a student... I hate snow. Yes, it's pretty. But then I have to drive in it and put my life in danger because I have to go to work. It didn't stop snowing until 3pm Saturday. They didn't think it was going to stop until 6pm or 8pm, so luckily it moved out of here earlier. However around 2pm yesterday, I get a phone call from one of my "managers" at work. This girl has no real power over any employees, really, but thinks it's her responsibility to boss me around all the time and treat me like a child.

She called to tell me that I was scheduled on Sunday... that they WILL be open... and that she EXPECTS to see me. My response? Well.. I live in the city, and if they haven't plowed my street yet, I'm not going anywhere. Because I'm not shoveling 2 feet of snow in the STREET so that I can put my life at risk to go to a retail job. Sorry. You have a problem with that, then you can talk to the GM and get me fired, and I'll just get a different second job. It's not a problem. Here's the thing though. I'm one of those people who doesn't call out. When I call out? I'm severely sick (or just got in a car accident and am being taken to the hospital...). I feel so guilty about calling out when I'm sick or when it snowed and I honestly don't feel comfortable driving that I just go in. So she didn't have to call me and basically threaten me. She didn't say "or else" but it was most definitely implied. Anyone, except her apparently, who has ever worked with me or who works with me now knows that I'm very reliable and loyal.

I'm so fired up about it! And honestly, the roads might be okay now because it stopped snowing at 3pm and they had all night to plow and salt the major roads, but when she called me, it was still snowing really hard. AND! We were in a state of emergency. As in, if you're on the road... and you're not a government employee... you will be ticketed for driving. I am also not getting a ticket! The state of emergency is still in effect for today, but the ban on non-essential drivers has been lifted, so now I can't use the Governor as my excuse. We managed to dig one of the cars out (not mine... the road mine is parked in still hasn't been plowed. We didn't even try to dig it out). I haven't been outside yet, but I imagine that everything has been effectively salted.

Stupid retail.

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