Monday, August 25, 2008

It's over! (you know...said like Strongbad)

Oh thank GOD I'm home. I love New York and all... but dear Jesus I'm never ever ever moving there ever. It is too emotionally exhausting... too hectic... too...just too. The show went well. We got some pretty good reviews. I highly doubt we'll get extended (oh yeah, a few Fringe shows get an extended run... mine won't be one of them. We'd need to sell out and get AMAZING reviews, and not just good reviews). I don't have the vacation time if we got extended, so... here's hoping!! Plus we have two people from LA, one from DC, and one who was from DC but she's moving in Chicago in like a week... so... it'd be difficult.

I'm not allowed to go into Sephora anymore. I may have gotten a little too excited that I could get things like Tarte, and the new Kat Von D make up, (which is so pretty...) and Cargo, and philosophy, and Fresh... and more stila and BE than Ulta has. It was really exciting. And I'm weak. I'm a weak weak individual when it comes to shopping and cosmetics. I also may or may not have bought a REALLY cute eyeliner from MAC at Macy's. AND I was excited to discover that MAC eyeshadows and eyeliners are LESS THAN URBAN DECAY. That was amazing to me. Although... I want to get a large eyeshadow palette book... and see if it's possible to depot some of my individual eyeshadows that I have from all over (MAC, Red Earth, Studio Gear, etc) and see if I can put them in there. That would make my life easier. That's why I like stila. It's all separates. The little individual eyeshadows just take up so much damn room! I need to look into that. I know it's possible.

I was, however, good and did NOT go into Lush ONCE when I was in NYC. Not once this last time. It took a great deal of effort. And the last time I was in Sephora I did NOT buy the Bourjois eyeliner that was 75% off that I really really really wanted. I was good. I haven't tried my Lush bubble bath yet... but I did try the solid shampoo (Godiva, if you're interested) and I love it. I don't use conditioner with it... because it's very moisturizing, and my hair can't take that much moisture. Even Gene used it and liked it. I also got soap from them last time (Rock's wonderful) and I love that also. I just wish it lasted longer. The only thing I've wanted to do since Friday night was take a bath... and I haven't had a chance yet. Maybe tonight. I'm just so exhausted... I think I need to be asleep by like 9:00.

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