Monday, August 18, 2008

The Chinatown Bus? It sucks.

This weekend... I was taking the 7:30 Double Happiness Bus (oh yeah...) from Delaware to New York. Apparently, 7:30 to these people means 8:45. It was an hour and fifteen minutes late... and I was about to have a cow. And then....they let people who were buying tickets on the bus BEFORE people who had already purchased tickets!! I was livid. So I got literally the last seat on the bus. And three different people would not let me sit next to them. Absolutely would not do it. I was a little upset. So I had to ride up to NYC in this smelly, overcrowded bus that made me want to cry. We didn't get off the bus in NYC until almost 11:30. We were supposed to be there at 10:00.

Because of that, I didn't get to meet my friend in Queens on the set of Ugly Betty. I was a little bummed. And it would have been a pain in the neck to get out to Brooklyn (Flatbush. Scary.) that time of night because the Q only runs every 30 minutes. So I stayed with Sara in her uncle's apartment... which is probably the most beautiful apartment I've seen in my life. It had two kitchens. Two. And like three bathrooms. And it was absolutely lovely and very "Manhattan." If I could live in a place like that and pay when I do in Delaware, I'd so move to New York. But i'm sure his rent/mortgage whatever is at LEAST like $4000 a month or something. The apartment had a freaking doorman! It was awesome. I wanted to move in.

The show went well... we've had a few good reviews. We actually had our best show on Saturday. People laughed at my jokes! They understood that I actually had jokes! It made me really happy. But since we've started to get a little buzz, I'm hoping we get at least one decent sized house. So far we've only had houses of like 30. The theatre holds 200. Only two more shows to go... so if you happen to be in the New York area... you should come check out Untitled Masterpiece. It's funny. I swear.

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becklette said...

i am green like my blog with jealousy. two kitchens? AND good reviews??