Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm a regulah New Yawka.

I've become incredibly familiar with New York in the past week. Especially Monday... when I went all over creation. First, Gene & I were staying in Brooklyn with friends of his. So we got a late start on Monday, and around 2:00 we went onto the island for lunch. Then we decided that we were going to check out the Met, since the last time we were up... the ONLY painting Gene wanted to see (at the Met) was Washington Crossing The Delaware, and it was closed. So we went to go see it. So we take the 7 across to Grand Central Station, and take the 6 up to 77th Street and walk over to 81st and 5th Ave. And we get to the Met... and IT'S CLOSED ON MONDAYS. Which I should have known, but forgot. By the time we got to the Met, it was like 3:30 or so. So we sat on a bench for like 45 minutes, and decided to try MoMA. Well, MoMA closes at 5:30 and by the time we got down to 54th street, we would have only been there for 20 minutes. So I text one of the girls in the show, and come to find out that she left her cell in a cab and some very nice man named Jim picked it up. So we took the 6 again all the way down to 33rd street because this guy lived on 36th near 2nd Ave. At this point it's 5:30. Then we take the 7 back over to the other side of town, and then take the 1 from 42nd St down to Penn Station.

We were supposed to meet up with Colleen at this point because she was coming into Penn Station around 7:00. Well, we missed her... so we got on the R and took it down to by NYU because she was seeing a show down there off of Lafayette St. We ended up missing the show and didn't know what time it would be over, so we decided to walk to the bar we'd been hanging out in (it's a great bar... if you're ever in NYC check out WXOU Radio Bar on Hudson St.). Gene called his friend Nico who said the bar was right down the street, it wouldn't be a long walk at all. Almost an hour later, we got to the bar. It was an HOUR walk. Almost THIRTY blocks. My legs were so damn tired by the time we got to the bar that after one margarita I was falling asleep and not because there was some fine tequila in that fab margarita. So, Monday sucked.

Other than that, I had a fab time this past run. The show went fairly well... people laughed at us (we want them to laugh)... all 40 of them. I'm just hoping that the director doesn't shoot me.. because I chopped off my hair. Most of it. It's about 4 inches shorter... much thinner and sleaker... and kinda shaggy. I love it. It takes some getting used to. BUT my hair has SO much more body with this cut than it did before! I'm super excited.

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