Monday, August 9, 2010

hope is a thing with feathers

Okay, so I don't dole out hope in feathers. Maybe yarn.

In the midst of all my knitting projects (Gzilla's 2009 Christmas sweater... still about 60% done... my "Ireland Cardigan" isn't finished... and I'm making a comfort shawl for my sister out of the yarn I purchased for her baby blanket. I'm dying it first, since I don't think she wants a PEACH shawl) I am taking on another one that needs to be finished SOON.

I'm making another Ysolda project...her Snapdragon Tam. I purchased her two books (Whimsical Little Knits and Whimsical Little Knits 2) back in February for a Haiti fundraiser that ravelry had. I've always loved pretty much everything that Ysolda does (and she's a total sweetie! I met her at my LYS a few years back). So when I found out that my high school drama director has breast cancer, I knew I was going to make her a hat. And I knew it would be a Ysolda pattern.

My drama director, aka "The V-ster" was a very influential person in my life. She's the reason I went on to study acting in college. I spent many a holiday and summer at her house. I'm very close with her daughter. When she called me to tell me that her mom had breast cancer, I think she expected me to have a mini breakdown (like I did the previous year when she called to tell me that her dog had cancer. Her dog was my Toto in high school, and she was the sweetest little girl in the world) but I didn't. I was very "Okay, well, your mom is a fighter, and we'll get through this. Call me when she has her surgery, and I'll come spend time with you. It's going to be fine."

And so far it has been fine. Except that I FORGOT to make the hat!! She started chemo in July, so she probably hasn't really started losing her hair yet... but I wanted her to have it beforehand. So now I'm RACING to get this hat finished and sent to The V-ster before she starts losing her hair. I was thinking about making one for my friend, also... because once her mom starts losing her hair, she's shaving her head. I like my hair too much (and Gzilla would kill me...haha) so instead I'm showing my support by making hats.

Anything I can do to inspire hope.

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Joanie M said...

I think it's a wonderful thing to do! Mrs V IS a strong woman!

For Gina's readers: Gina made my John a chemo cap when he went through chemo and a stem cell transplant last summer. Since he's a retired soldier, she made it in military camoflage colors! He discovered the best use for the hat was at night, in the hospital. He'd pull it down over his eyes and it blocked the light from the hall so he could sleep! I'm happy to report that John is one year cancer free and his first birthday (since he got a whole brand new immune system) is coming up on Aug 28 and his 58th birthday is Oct 23! And we WILL celebrate both birthdays!

So keep those chemo caps coming for your friends and their loved ones, Gina! They love it!